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Company overview

Lighthouse Partners is a privately owned company focused on the investment and asset management of multifamily properties. Our venture is focused on acquiring newer construction (1990’s and newer) apartment buildings with a projected hold period of 5-7 years. We are selectively pursuing opportunities in the major metro’s of the Western US and properties that offer some component of light value add and operational upside. Our targeted deal size is between $5-35M (total capitalization). Our primary source of equity is our extensive network of accredited investors, with preservation of capital, consistent cash flow distributions and long term capital appreciation being our main focus. Through our real estate offerings, we provide private individuals an avenue to directly invest in institutional quality multifamily real estate, they otherwise would not have access to. Knowing that the capital depth of the private investor network is limited, we are continually looking to grow our accredited investor network and expand our joint venture relationships.

The principals of Lighthouse Partners have overseen in excess of $6 billion in transactions totaling 45,000 apartment units. With over 27 years of hands-on experience in the multifamily industry, we are uniquely positioned to provide institutional quality investment and asset management oversight for our investors. 

acquisition criteria

Lighthouse Partners is primarily focused on high quality, well located apartment communities throughout the western United States.

​We are targeting communities within the following parameters:

Location: Primary markets within; California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii

Age: Communities built after 1990 (CA and HI 1975 and after)

Investment Type: Core, core-plus or value-add

Size: Projects between $5 - $35 Million

Brokers: Lighthouse Partners actively pursues both listed and off market opportunities. Brokers will be protected and paid on off market deals. 

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